The application process consists of identifying a mentor at UCSD (see the People tab), working with the mentor to develop a project, and completing the application form (see Quick Link to Submit Full Application). This entails doing your homework before meeting the mentor to know what previous projects or current interests are and to read some of the mentor’s publications. Meet the mentor, who will likely assign you to read some materials. After you have read the materials, you will want to speak with the mentor again about what interests you!

Mentors look for a mixture of talent, background (courses), enthusiasm, initiative and eagerness to learn and work.

The PRIME application is a two-part process. You must download and then submit a: Preliminary Application and a Full Application

The full application checklist consists of six components:

A. Internship Application Summary Information

1. Personal Details
2. Permanent Contact Information
3. Emergency Contact Information
4. Statement of Eligibility
5. UCSD and Host Mentor Information
6. Professional References

B. Personal Statement

The personal statement should address "why" you are interested in the program, what you hope to achieve from this experience, and what your long-term professional plans are. The statement would include any relevant background experience. Remember that this statement often serves as your writing sample; please make sure that it is well written (500 words or less), edited and checked for spelling.

C. Proposed Set of Activities

Please provide a short description of your proposed set of activities. This should include a rationale for the project, possible (desired) outcomes, and approaches to achieve the outcomes. In addition, this should include a plan for the Spring Quarter, including what background you need to gain, what you will do to prepare for the international experience, and a plan to discuss the project’s progress with host scientist’s lab.


For example resumes and CVs, click here.

E. Letter of Agreement

This letter is from the UCSD mentor, indicating her or his willingness to work with you on the project and to work with the host mentor. This letter should include a statement that the host mentor is willing to work with you and the UCSD mentor on the project.

F. Transcripts (accessed through Student Link)

Ready to download a Preliminary or Full application form? Click on the appropriate “Submit” item from the Quick Links in right column.