An eligible student:

  • Is a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident.
  • Has a valid passport in hand at the time of application and is able to meet visa requirements for selected countries.
  • Is willing and able to travel to selected host site abroad during the scheduled program dates.
  • Agrees to PRIME's terms of participation, including working at least 4 hours per week in the UCSD mentor's lab in the spring quarter, spending at least 35 hours per week during the summer quarter in the host site mentors lab, and attending all PRIME workshops in Spring and Fall quarter (see Calendar for dates).
  • Is enrolled as a full time student at UCSD.
  • Has a GPA of at least 3.0 (out of 4.0).


PRIME is a rigorous, federally-funded program to provide life-changing research and cultural experiences in Asia, Australia and New Zealand for UC San Diego undergraduate students, with the consequent rules and obligations listed on this page. Failure to meet these commitments may result in loss of position, funding, and future certification as a PRIME participant.

Expectations of
Successful Applicants

In addition to the rules contained in the eligibility criteria above, PRIME has additional expectations of successful applicants to the program. Among them:

  • We strongly recommend applicants have completed at least two years at UCSD or other university.
  • Students accepted into the program receive support to supplement the costs of airfare, housing, food and incidental expenses. Most students selected to participate in PRIME will need to use personal funds for non-supplemented expenses. Students are encouraged to apply for UCSD scholarships! Funds from these scholarships will be used to pay for supported costs of the program.
  • Selected students commit to spent at least four hours per week during Spring Quarter, working with their mentors, in preparation for the research experiences abroad.
  • Many alumni of the PRIME program are willing to assist current PRIME students, for example, by participating in upcoming information sessions. Looking ahead, the PRIME 2014 Information Session will take place in early January 2014, and the PRIME Expectations Workshop will be scheduled for May 2014. Any alumni who want to participate are urged to contact Teri Simas here.

In addition to eligibility rules and other expectations of PRIME participants listed on this page, students who are selected for this program must commit to participate in the following workshops or events in the Spring, Fall or Winter Quarters:

Wed, Apr 10:

PRIME Orientation, 9-11 am (or)

Thurs, Apr 11:

PRIME Orientation, 9-11 am

Sat, May 4:

Expectations Workshop, 3-6 pm

Sat, May 18:

Pre-departure Cultural Workshop, 3-6 pm

Sat, Oct 5:

Re-entry Workshop, 3-6 pm (or)

Sat, Oct 12:

Re-entry Workshop, 3-6 pm