The PRIME application is a two-part process. You must download and submit a:

Please download / fill out the applications above and send back to Teri Simas at

Practical Advice to Prospective Students

A key component in PRIME is the research experience. That experience begins in our application process, where students – working with mentors at UCSD – develop a project description, which becomes part of the full application.

Start as early as possible to prepare an application. If possible, start a year before you wish to go and volunteer in the lab of a researcher associated with PRIME. That will give you an idea of the projects that are possible and the background you will need to acquire.

Whenever you do start on the PRIME application process, learn as much about the lab and mentor as possible, and talk with PRIME students from previous years. Previous PRIME students have a wealth of information and knowledge, and they can talk about the projects they conducted. If you find what they did interesting, that is a good sign you will enjoy working on a similar project.

In addition, if you are planning to go to a site where English is not the official language, try to take a language course. Even some basic language knowledge will be an immense benefit to you, giving you more confidence to explore your host country!

Finally, talk with students at UCSD from the country of the host site. These may be graduate students. They can help you determine if this location will be good for you.

UC San Diego Undergraduate Research Scholarships

In previous years, PRIME students have successfully applied for UC San Diego Undergraduate Research Scholarships. In 2015, PRIME applicants must apply for and receive a UCSD scholarship to support their PRIME internship. The success in being awarded scholarships helps the PRIME program by allowing us to include more students in the PRIME experience. Scholarships also provide the student with important recognition by the campus, and provide additional funds to enhance the research experience while abroad. To find out more about UC San Diego Undergraduate Research Scholarships and how to apply, visit these links:


UCSD will host an information session on Wednesday, January 28, 2015 @ 6:15pm in the International Center Dining Room . This event follows the 2014 PRIME Poster Session which will take place from 5-6pm in the IC Lounge. All are welcome!


PRIME 2014 Preliminary Applications Due


PRIME 2014 Full Applications Due by 4pm

April 2015 (Date TBD):

PRIME Pre-Departure Orientation Session, 9-11am

May 2015 (Date TBD):

PRIME Expectations Workshop

May 2015 (Date TBD):

PRIME Pre-departure Cultural Workshop

October 2015:

PRIME 2015 Re-Entry Workshop (date TBA)


Date TBD:

Deadline for UCSD Undergraduate Scholarships for summer 2015 scholarships; for details, visit this website:

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